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Our no-touch menus are a safe and effective way to get in front of customers with information that goes beyond an ordinary menu. The BizPulser technology can help you gather data from each visitor that will provide you with the real-time data you need to improve customer retention and garner positive reviews—which will lead to more customers.

How BizPulser No-Touch Menus Work



When you greet your guests let them know to either hold their phone near the NFC enabled table tent card or plaque, or to scan the QR code with their mobile phone camera. This will open a web browser on the their phone with your microsite loaded (no app to download).

Home Screen
Pulser Survey

Here's what makes a BizPulser No-Touch Menu a cut above our competitors!

Once on the restaurant microsite the customer can not only view the menu, but they can take a short, customized Pulser (survey) using questions you chose. They will be motivated to do this because when they take the survey they are rewarded with points they can use in the Pulser Rewards Center. Not only can you upload offers into the Reward Center, but other businesses using our technology also have rewards available that your customers can access. Every time they visit, they get asked new questions and get more reward points.


Rewards for Reviews!

All of the great, real-time data you collect can be used to improve your workflows and business strategies. This leads to improved online reviews, customer retention and new business—not to mention happy customers who’ve been rewarded for a little feedback.


Your microsite is fully customizable and branded to your specific business and location. You can add promotional videos, daily specials, and so much more.

Benefits of a Touchless Menu

  • Saves on printing costs

  • Reduces the spread of germs

  • Increases efficiency

  • Microsite allows you to direct advertise to customers while they wait with promotions, videos, and more

  • Promotes honest, real-time feedback through Pulser survey technology and the use of the Pulser Rewards Center

  • Feedback allows you to adjust the strategies that drive results!

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Scan or click the code to view our sample microsite and menu. While you’re there take our Pulser survey to earn rewards.