About BizPulser

BizPulser exists to help companies thrive! Understanding at our core that business strategy is successful or fails at the individual level. Culture can kill strategy and force it to "sit on a shelf" unless... culture is the driver of strategy.


We optimize your team's ability to visually see both culture and strategy and make great decisions as a result. Our best decisions come when we can see clearly.

Utilizing our unique and proprietary tools and methodology allows you to do just that.


Lets get started today!

Born from a synergy between two great companies BizPulser offers the best of both worlds to bring you an innovative approach. First, from Tranzamon, LLC, their state of the art data collection tools and  Lemmesay rewards center. And from BASE Results, LLC, their exclusive BASE strategy development methodology focused on customer engagement, employee engagement, values driven strategy and best of all - a way to manage it in a tangible way. When these two combine, they offer great solutions to companies looking to:

  • Develop Strategic Planning in an innovative and impactful way

  • Bring your current strategic plan to life and off the shelf through integration and measurables.

  • "Pulse" the culture of the company to drive immediate and future results. 

  • Drive customer foot traffic with our rewards center option.

  • Benefit from highly experienced and skilled strategists to drive your team - we can help in all of the following areas:

    • Human Resources​

    • Finance/Accounting

    • Legal

    • Management and Leadership

    • Employee Engagement

    • Communications and Culture

    • And More!

Restaurant and Business Clients

For our restaurant and business clients we utilize the Pulser Technology to gather real-time data and apply it to the exclusive BASE Results method driven strategy.

While gathering data we reward the pulser/survey participants immediately through the Pulser Rewards Center, and at the same time we provide smart advertising benefits to our customers through our mobile first platform, as well as a microsite co-platform.


The number of respondents willing to provide honest feedback/data through our Pulser Technology increases 80% over traditional surveys. Plus, companies featured in the reward center are exposed to thousands of potential new customers looking to earn their rewards and our Pulser participants are exposed to a network of deals and offers by businesses doing great work. 

Microsites Packages

BizPulser offers microsite packages to support self-promotion and individual growth in students and business professionals.


These personalized microsites are easy to customize, maintain and connect to social platforms. An individual can upload a resume, attach product videos, testimonials, accolades, referrals and more.


The individual microsites help with networking, job seeking, scholarship opportunities, and much more. Microsites can be shared on social networks or with a custom branded business card that has a QR code and NFC chip built right into the card. No more leaving a boring business card behind!